Autoportrait of Damaris Stevens (aka Phenglar)
My name is Damaris Stevens (aka Phenglar).
I'm a creature and character artist, focused on head modelling, texturing and grooming. Also, as I have a tech background, I am comfortable with computer tools and code.
After biochemistry and computer sciences at the University of Geneva, I followed online courses about webdevelopment, photography and digital painting.
I am now studying 3D digital art, in the SAE Institute Geneva. I aim to be a creature artist in the game or VFX industry. Besides, I work as 3D character artist in an indie swiss studio.
See my LinkedIn profile for a complete description of my activities.

During my free time I draw, read (mainly fantasy), watch TV (mainly fantasy movies or anime), cross stitch, play piano, play video games (RPG, FPS, Simulation, Strategy), climb (mainly indoor), practice yoga (Vinyasa), take photos (mainly macrophotography and animal portraits), spend time with friends and family, feed my social networks, make puzzles, crochet (mostly amigurumi), ...
(I wonder how some people may get bored... ^^' )
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